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Kitgum Teacher Arrested For Reporting To School While Drunk

Police in Kitgum District on Monday arrested a teacher of Putuke Primary in Kitgum Matidi sub county for reporting to school while drunk.

Charles Ayella was arrested by a team led by Thomas Lapyem, the Kitgum Matidi sub-county chairperson and Simon Kidega, the sub-county councilor V.

Lapyem says that the arrest of Ayella follows a concern raised by the school head teacher who complained that he had reported to school under the influence of alcohol and was causing chaos.

The school head teacher Lilly Grace Lalam says that Ayella had made it a habit of exhibiting gross misconduct including drinking during working hours.

This is not the first time primary school teachers in Kitum district are being arrested for drinking during class hours.

In February this year, two primary teachers of Pachua Pakuba primary in Mucwini sub county were arrested for allegedly drinking during class hours. They include Oyet Nelson Mandela and Omony Robert who were later charged with negligence of duty.

According to section 114 of the penal code act, any person who, being employed in a public body or a company in which the Government has shares, neglects to perform any duty which he or she is required to perform by virtue of such employment, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

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