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Kitgum School Revives Extinct Local Acholi Foods

A robust initiative to save high value nutrient Acholi traditional food varieties from extinction has been launched in Kitgum.
Some of the food varieties were made from East African Cucumber seeds and pumpkin leaves amongst others.
Many of the dishes vanished from the daily menu of many families due to emergence of easy to prepare exotic continental fast foods and cuisines.
Two decades of a brutal armed conflict compounded the problem and got many of the dishes, once cherished for tackling malnutrition among children, largely ignored by many.
Jolly Waton Angeyo, the deputy head teacher of Y. Y. Okot Memorial College in Kitgum district says the initiative was launched after realising many of the dishes have been pushed to a few occasions only.
Y.Y Okot Memorial College is determined to return these high value energy-giving and body building foods onto the daily menu of hotels, restaurants and families.
Through its department of home economics, the school has brought back some of the local cuisines from concealment in rural areas.

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