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Kitgum Catechist Hands Self To Police After Hacking Brother

Yotkom Medical clinic, where the injured brother was admited (Courtesy Photo).

Police in Kitgum district is holding a catechist for allegedly hacking his brother over yet unclear reason.

Charles Otema, a Catechist at St. Bathulumeo Catholic Church Piny munu, in Labongo Akwang Sub County allegedly used a panga to hack his brother Richard Odong from Pajimo East Village on Christmas night.

Richard Obote, the Pajimo East Village chairperson confirmed the report saying the incident happened at around 8pm.
Obote suspects that the incident could be land related.

He said that the suspect is reported to have led a Christmas service at his duty station before returning home and allegedly committing the crime and later fled the scene before he handed himself to police the following day on Monday.

Odong the victim was rushed to Yotkom Medical Center in Kitgum Municipality where he is receiving treatment.
Mansour Suwed, the Kitgum District Police Commander-DPC, confirmed the detention of the catechist but declined to divulge details.

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