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Gulu Water Crisis Deepens as Oitino Dam Dries Up

Locals fetch water from a nearby swamp

National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC) is struggling to pump water to its over 150,000 customers in Gulu City and its suburbs after water levels at Oitino dam, the major source of raw water dropped significantly.

This is the second time in five years that Oyitino dam, located about 10km north of Gulu City has dried up. The first time the dam dried was up in March 2016.

Similarly, in 2017, the dam dried up due to prolonged drought plunging hundreds of households into water crisis.

Attempts by National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC) to ration water has also failed to solve the water problem.

Some customers have not seen a drop of water in the tap for two straight weeks.

Stephen Gang, the Manager National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC) Gulu Area office admitted that the water levels at Oitino dam has gone down but called for calm among their customers. He said all is being done to ensure that normal supplies are restored.

According to Gang, the eight motorized boreholes will meet the needs of their customers.

The eight pumps can only supply up to 2.4 million cubic litres of water a day, but the demand for water in Gulu City is estimated to be around 5 million cubic liters.

The only hope now is rain since to start falling so that the dam is filled up dam since it is rain fed.

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