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Dozens of Gulu Healthcare Workers Join Fight Against Ebola

An image of health workers dressed in protective gear to attend to Ebola patients. (Internet photo)

The Ministry of Health has deployed dozens of healthcare workers attached to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital to help in the fight against the latest outbreak of Ebola in the country.

Majority of the government healthcare workers who have been deployed in districts suspected to be the epicenter of the latest outbreak in Uganda had once helped to tackle a similar outbreak in West Africa.

According to the Health Ministry, healthcare workers have been deployed among others at Entebbe Grade B Hospital in Wakiso district, Mubende Regional Referral Hospital in Mubende district and Kassanda Hospital found in Kassanda district.

Ms Nansamba Odiira, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the Health Ministry said the healthcare workers currently helping to tackle the latest Ebola outbreak in the country are very experienced in handling the disease since this is not the first time they are faced with a similar challenge.

She said there is no question that they can support the efforts being put tackling the latest outbreak.

The latest Ebola outbreak was confirmed in Mubende district in central Uganda.

136 people have so far been infected, while another 54 people succumbed to the disease.

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