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Amuriat Arrested In Kitgum, Escorted To Lamwo

Patrick Oboi Amuriat

The Forum for Democratic Change-FDC presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has unexpectedly showed up in the streets of Kitgum municipality leading to a cat and mouse game with the police.

It came after police blocked him from accessing Kitgum Municipality to avoid collision with the National Resistance Movement-NRM presidential candidate and incumbent, President, Yoweri Museveni.

Amuriat was intercepted in Kitgum Matidi Sub County and driven at breakneck speed by the police through Kitgum Municipality after deviating from his planned route issued by police to his new campaign venue in Lamwo district.

The FDC president, who was being held in a police car enroute to Lamwo district, was however, released following negotiations between his team and police led by the Aswa River Region Police Commander, Ezekiel Emitu at Corner mission in Pager division, some two kilometers outside Kitgum Municipality.

However, shortly after his release, Amuriat unexpectedly returned to Kitgum Municipality to show his presence.

He was later driven out of town by police through Kitgum Matidi-Mucwini road after successful negotiations and left in the hands of Lamwo District Police Commander, Moses Akena at Mucwini Trading Center.

Amuriat was expected to hold campaigns in Padibe town council and Lokung Sub County in Lamwo district.             

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