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Agago Clan Chiefs Crack Down on 500 Illegal Charcoal Dealers

Impounded Bags of Charcoal In Nwoya. Photo by Omony Denis

During a two-day operation against the commercial charcoal business, clan chiefs in Agago district have identified approximately 500 illegal charcoal dealers.

The operation aimed to tackle widespread tree felling for charcoal, despite a ban imposed by the Ministry of Water and Environment.

The crackdown took place over the weekend in Adilang Sub County, specifically targeting areas such as Akerlukot in Rugurugu, Lelakadera, and Omuku.

Rwot Kasimiro Ongom, the clan chief of Patongo, reported the discovery of over 100 tents set up in the bushes during the operation.

Expressing concern, Rwot Ongom lamented the presence of mothers camping with their school-age children, teaching them in such remote settings.

As part of the operation, a truck loaded with charcoal was confiscated from Lacekoto and handed over to the Adilang Police Post.
The vehicle, bearing registration number UBH 078R, was seized.

The Acholi sub-region has witnessed the loss of thousands of indigenous tree species in recent years due to rampant and illegal tree cutting for charcoal.

Agago district, in particular, has been a focal point of concern, with clan leaders estimating that approximately 100 trees are being cut daily to sustain the charcoal industry.

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