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82 Year Old Gulu Resident Dies After Self-immolation

A82 year old man identified as William Bwomono, a resident of Agwee cell in Laroo-Pece division in Gulu city, died on tuesday after self-immolation.

Self-immolation is the act of sacrificing oneself by setting oneself on fire and burning to death.

Bwomono allegedly chained himself and poured three liters of petrol all over his body before setting himself on fire using a match box.

Florence Angee, the area LCI chairperson says the community heard a loud blast at Bwomono’s home and rushed to find out what happened, only to find him already burnt beyond recognition.

This comes after a man in Okidi Central village Labongo Amida West sub-county Kitgum district on Dec, 12, 2021 attempted self-immolation. Bosco Langoya, in their 30s, is alleged to have locked himself in his house when no one else was at home before setting it ablaze at around 6 pm.

According to the Penal code of Uganda, any person who attempts to kill him or herself commits a misdemeanour.

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