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Watoto Rescues 23 Abandon Babies In Acholi Sub Region

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Baby Watoto, a children’s home in Gulu City has rescued 23 newly born babies abandoned in Acholi sub region since the beginning of this year.

The latest to be abandoned were twin babies found last evening in Bar-dege-Layibi division.

Meanwhile, majority of abandoned babies were rescued from pit latrines, garbage pits, along roads and from hospitals after their mothers died while giving birth.

Irene Aber Leki, the Baby Watoto Home Manager attributes the child abandonment cases on teenage pregnancies and mental illness among women and students.

She said the 23 babies were recovered in six months and that they have been registering at least a case weekly since the beginning of September.

Brigadier General Bony Bamwiseki, the UPDF Fourth Division Commander who visited the baby’s home today called upon leaders to work to reduce cases of child abandonment by developing programs to support women.

Bamwiseki donated food and nonfood items to the babies.

The Babies Home in Gulu City has rescued over 1,500 abandoned babies in Acholi sub region since the centre opened in 2010.

230 of the babies have been reintegrated to their homes while 1,270 are still at the home following difficulty in tracing their relatives.

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