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Vicar Arrested in Kwania for Conducting Prayers

Police in Kwania district has arrested the vicar of St Peter’s Cathedral Aduku in West Lango for conducting prayers.

Rev. Newtown Abalo was arrested together with Jimmy Uhuru Onyewa, the LCI chairperson of Teduka cell on Sunday after a tip-off from residents.

Salim Komakech, the Resident District Commissioner of Kwania district said that the Vicar and the chairperson defied the presidential directive on social gatherings.

Police also dispersed Christians who were conducting prayers at St Peter’s Catholic Chapel and St Paul Church of Ugandan -Aton in Amuge parish, Alito Sub County.

Christians reminiscing Way of the cross in Gulu

Meanwhile, the Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) have deployed heavily in Nwoya district to help enforced preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus

In another development, Pader district local government has identified Pajule health centre IV as a potential facility to establish an isolation unit for suspected cases of the coronavirus.

The district has also put on standby three ambulances to respond to suspected coronavirus emergencies.

In Kaboong district, at least 30 local brewers in Kaabong town council are counting losses after the police poured local brew in an attempt to discourage people from social gatherings.

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