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UPDF Officers Sentenced To Six Months For Elegu Torture Incident


The six members of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) charge with the torture of 38 suspected commercial sex workers at Elegu town council in Amuru district have pleaded guilty as charge and sentenced to six months in jail.

They include Lance corporal Awany Abwoli, Pte Ayibezibwe Elia, Pte Amanya Rogers, Pte Ebogo John Mark, Pte Makanga Muhammad and Pte Mutege Robert.

They were charged with two counts of assaults and three counts of causing bodily harms.

Court heard that the officers on April 2nd at Elegu Town Council in Amuru District, intentionally inflicted severe pain or suffering on 38 victims for allegedly disobeying a curfew.

Appearing before the UPDF 4th division court martial on Wednesday, the six pleaded guilty as charge and each was sentenced to six months in detention.

The convicts were ordered to serve their sentences at the UPDF 4th division military detention facilities and be paid half of their salaries while in detention.

Their colleagues from the Police Field Force Unit, 11 in number, appeared on Tuesday before the Gulu Chief Magistrate Court charged with 38 counts of aggravated torture contrary to section 4 and 5 of the prevention and prohibition of torture act of 2012.

They all pleaded not guilty and were remanded to Gulu central prisons until 7th May.

Police officers arrested for torture at Elegu border post Appearing before Gulu Chief Magistrate court on Tuesday

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