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Uganda’s Education System Not Prepared for Digital Learning Tide


Educationists have poked holes in the approach used by the government to enhance digital learning in Uganda at a time when children are grounded in homes, as part of the coronavirus disease lockdown.

Schools, parents and entrepreneurs are all tapping into the stay home campaign to ensure continuity of learning, using various platforms, among them Zoom, WhatsApp, broadcast media and a series of other virtual corresponding tools.

But while the experience might be exciting for some, to educationists, the haste with which digital learning is handled might cause the premature death of the idea in its infancy.

Many are arguing that the rush to complete the school work online in response to the COVID-19 crisis could result in unprecedented confusion for the learners and their teachers.

Gerald Businge, whose agency, Ultimate Media Consult is promoting the Yaaka digital learning platform, observes that learners rushed into experimenting the complex e-learning field, and assumed that they would have everything in place just within a few weeks.

Businge’s Yaaka Digital Network provides class notes, online classes and enables teachers to connect with students and trainers through a tablet.

But Businge observes that before such teaching tools are rolled out, parents, learners, and teachers need to be guided on how to use them and avail equipment that can support digital learning both online or offline rather than assuming that they are equipped.

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