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Ugandans are not Scared of Coronavirus – Experts


Experts have said that Ugandans not being afraid of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is driving the high levels of complacency seen in many communities in the country.

The experts say lack of fear for the disease has led many people who were previously scared of the disease to abandon wearing masks, washing hands, and avoiding gatherings.

As per yesterday 821 COVID-19 cases had been reported in the country. There have been 717 recoveries and no deaths registered so far.

While Uganda is being hailed by the international community for the way it has handled COVID-19 and been able to prevent any deaths from occurring, health experts say that many people are not scared of the disease because it does not kill.

Dr. Joseph Matovu, a behavior change specialist says that Ugandans are not scared of the disease.  He says that many people think the disease is foreign and cannot affect them.

A study carried out in March 2020 when Uganda had less than 20 cases of the disease showed that the level of fear at the time of COVID-19 was as high as 80 percent in some communities.

In June, 2020 with over 700 cases of the disease reported, the level of fear of the disease has gone down in some communities to as low as 20 percent.

Preventive measures as such hand washing that stood were practiced by 80 percent of the population in April have now gone down to 56 percent as of June.

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