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Uganda Records 22 New COVID-19 Related Deaths in Three We

Dr. Ocen Emmanuel from WHO Receiving the jab in Gulu

At least 22 COVID-19 related deaths were recorded in Uganda in the last three weeks alone, according to the latest figures provided by the Health Ministry. This translates into one deaths each day since the beginning of June.

The first COVID-19 death was recorded on June 10, where one patient succumbed to the disease. On June 12, three people lost battle to the viral disease.

June 14, saw highest number of fatalities with eight deaths.
In total, since January 2022, at least 88 Ugandans have lost battle to the highly infectious disease.

Since July 2020, Uganda recorded 3,621 COVID-19 related deaths.
Cumulatively, Uganda recorded 167,511 COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, out of the over 167,000 individuals who were infected with the disease in the country, at least 100,401 have so far recovered.

The Health Ministry has also administered over 21 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines since March 2021 when the mass vaccination exercise kicked off.

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