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Troubles As Kitgum Hospital Runs Out Of Essential Drugs


Kitgum general hospital has run out of essential drugs and medical supplies for treating patients.

The Hospital x-ray has also broken down over the weekend, less than two months after it was repaired by a non-governmental organization.

Bezzy Omoya, the hospital senior administrator says that for close to a month now, the facility has been operating without some drugs for treating common diseases.

Omoya cited that among other essential medicines that are currently out of stock includes, Artesunate for malaria, antibiotics drugs, insulin for diabetic patients, fluids, Gauze and drugs for anaesthesia used in theater.

Omoya adds that the hospital theatre is non-functional currently since they don’t have medicine for anaesthesia citing that those in need of major operations are referred to St Joseph’s hospital Kitgum.

On X-ray, Omoya says that they have already informed the Health Ministry and officials at Dash-S Technologies Inc, which supplied of the machine.

The Philips Primary Diagnost model x-ray machine procured in 2016 by government serves thousands of vulnerable patients within and outside Kitgum district.

Omoya says despite the machine being down at the moment, they have been faced with challenges of x-ray films citing that most of the times, government has been procuring few films against their requisition.

Kitgum General Hospital is also grappling to recruit a radiographer to operate the available x-ray and ultrasound machines.

Currently the hospital has only one radiographer who was employed by International Rescue Committee (IRC), a nongovernmental organization.

According to the hospital statistics, the x-ray machine serves between 20 to 30 patients every day from within Kitgum and neighbouring districts including refugees from South Sudan.

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