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Speaker Of Parliament Under Fire For COVID-19 Vaccine Statement


Uganda Medical Association-UMA has expressed concern about the statements by the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga on the purported treatment for Corona virus alias COVID 19.

On Monday, Kadaga told parliament that vaccine had been discovered by Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niaz, an inventor and advisor to the US Congress and government.

She said production by DEI Group in Luzira, Kampala of the vaccine will commence soon, adding that the vaccine will hit the market in the next week.

However, in a statement issued this morning, jointly signed by Dr. Richard Idro, the President Uganda Media Association, his General Secretary, Dr. Muhereza Mukuzi and Dr. Misaki Wanyengera, a senior scientist and Senior Lecturer, Makerere University, the medical association notes that the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID19 is a new strain of coronaviruses that was discovered to cause human disease less than 3 months ago and has no known cure.

He said “Instead, it diverts the population from known and effective preventive messages.”

Dr. Idro expressed the displeasure of the medical association about quack cadre scientists.

He also wondered how USA would give the patent of a potential cure to country without a single case of corona virus, when it has thousands of cases.

The medical association reiterates that there is currently no medicine to cure the corona virus 19 disease.       

But the Speaker  Kadaga hit back at UMA for expressing reservations about the purported advanced sanitizer that can kill the COVID-19 virus.

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga

In her communication to the house on Tuesday afternoon, Kadaga questioned why the UMA leadership didn’t find it necessary to engage her office on her comments about the sanitiser instead of running to the media.      She insists that Prof. Safraz’s sanitizer is effective, advanced and kills COVID-19 instantly.

Kadaga accuses the doctors for trying to fight the new Sanitizer to probably push the interests of other companies. She defended Prof. Safraz’s sanitizer as safe to be applied on hands and surfaces without causing any health risks. She said the plan is to massively produce and distribute the product to stop the spread of COVID-19 all over the world.

Kadaga said that she doesn’t deal with quacks and asked the medical association to apologise for their statement.

According to his profile, Sarfaraz K. Niazi is an adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical science at the University of Illinois. Niaz advises regulatory agencies and creates technology to make medicines more accessible.

He reportedly teaches through his over 50 books and 100 patents in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical field. In 2014, Sarfaraz K. Niazi was recognised by the Forbes magazine, as “the most interesting man changing healthcare.”

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