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Solid waste management drive launched


Government has hired a consultancy firm to develop a 5-year solid waste management strategy and plan for the 14 municipal councils in the country.
JBN consultancies and planners that won the bid is expected to develop and produce a comprehensive working document before the end of this year.
Gulu municipal council which is one of the 14 municipalities produces between 120=150 tons of solid waste daily but only 20% of it is collected.
Among the strategies being adopted in the report include putting of collection bins for the different solid waste compositions in strategic locations.
Acquisition of more equipment and vehicles, involvement of private sectors in waste management and development of waste management bylaws.
Others are engaging the community on the important of waste management and changing attitude and behaviors of the locals towards positive waste management.
Gulu municipal council is among the four municipal councils in the country that are being prepared for a city status.

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