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Sociologists Predict Surge in Suicide Cases


Scholars in human behaviour, development and society have predicted a likelihood of suicide as a form of protest or expression of emotional distress among Ugandans.

Early this month, the country witnessed a horrifying incident of a young man identified as Hussein Walugembe who burnt himself inside the Masaka district traffic police-office after his motorcycle had been confiscated by officers who later demanded a bribe of 40,000 Shillings.

George William Ochom, a lecturer of Sociology at Kampala University says that the incident should not be treated as an isolated case, saying it may be a precursor to similar acts given the high levels of frustration and hopelessness cited among communities.

Ochola explains that out of human instincts, a sizeable number of Ugandans have become emotionally charged due to contemporary societal challenges and the perceived social imbalances.

He adds that such a disgruntled group tends to behave weirdly and is capable of becoming destructive to many things including their own life.

Revered Father Doctor George William Byarugaba, the Dean of the Department of Ethics at Uganda Martyrs University also observes that the country is faced with a serious breakdown in morality and values that defined its citizens.

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