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Reach A Hand Uganda Launches Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Campaign

Reach A Hand Launches Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Campaign

In a bid to enhance awareness of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among the youth, Movit Products joined Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) to drive the cause at the annual RAHU Kyaddala initiative.

Kyaddala, a local translation for, “It is Real” is a live TV program series organized by RAHU. It focuses on real-life social issues that affect young people across Africa and their attempts to overcome those issues.

The initiative attracts vast audiences with particular activists across the country. This year’s RAHU Kyaddala series will focus on creating awareness of SRHR.

Speaking at the premiere of season 2 held on February 24, 2022 at Mestil hotel, the Head of Marketing Movit Products, Robert Kitenda commended RAHU for the continued efforts to shape society by creating awareness.

Meanwhile, Mr Humphrey Nabimanya, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RAHU said the organization continues to use arts and music to put across mindset change messages.

Some of the SRHR affecting the youth include abortion, HIV and other STIs, maternal health and rights, contraceptive access, gender-based violence, discrimination, and stigma.

According to United Nations Population Fund, millions of girls are coerced into unwanted sex or marriage, putting them at risk of unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, and dangerous childbirth. Both adolescent boys and girls are at risk.

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