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Rainfall to Improve Pasture for Livestock Farmers in Uganda

The current rain being experienced in most parts of the country is likely to improve foliage and pasture for livestock, Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has said.

In its monthly weather update for the month of May, UNMA said the current rains are expected to further improve pasture and foliage for livestock farmers across the country.

This is good news especially for pastoralists in Acholi sub region who were affected by the prolonged dry spell.

The meteorologists however warned farmers against the failure to preserve and management pasture well since they may run short of feeds for their animals.

Lack of feeds will spell disaster for livestock farmers as their animals are likely to die due to starvation.

Majority of farmers in Acholi sub region rely on rain for growth of pasture as majority practice traditional cattle keeping method that have been practiced for centuries.

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