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President Museveni Welcomes More Indian Investments

Afro Indian Investment summit - Munyonyo - 17th Nov 2022 - 63

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that Uganda is still open to more investments in different sectors.

While officiating at the opening of Afro Indian Investment Summit 2022 together with the centennial 100 years celebration of Indian Association Uganda on Thursday in Kampala, President called upon more Indians to explore the business opportunities in Uganda.

He said former President Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians from Uganda in 1972 not only disturbed the relationship between Uganda and India but also discouraged wealth creation.

The President called upon Indians to invest in untapped areas like fertilizers which have become expensive as a result of the Russia-Ukraine standoff.

The conference was also addressed by Mr. Mohan Rao, Chairman of Indian Association Uganda which is celebrating 100 years of existence in Uganda.

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