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Pre-Intern Doctors Protest Delayed Deployment

Medical Interns and Medical Students protesting in Gulu City

By Tracy Aciro

A group of Pre-Intern doctors on Monday morning took to the streets of Gulu city demanding for deployment by the government.

They were also protesting government plans not to pay their allowances incase deployed.

However Police intercepted them along Awere road and dispersed them before arresting their leader identified as Amanya Alfred Belina.

Medical Interns and Medical Students today(Monday) held a nationwide peaceful demonstrations.

This comes at a time when government has delayed to deploy medical interns & planned not to pay their allowances incase deployed.

This comes almost a month after pre-medical interns were involved in running battles with police as they held a demonstration in Kampala City over the same.

The new interns were supposed to be deployed at the over thirty internship sites by April 1 2023 but according to a circular by Dr. Henry Mwebesa the Director General of Health Services to Directors of hospitals, the one-year training will commence later on after ironing out key issues with the training.

When contacted, Ainebyoona Emmanel, the Ministry of Health spokesperson says the concerns of the Medical Interns and Medical Students will be handled today(Monday).

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