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Politicians Urged To Emulate President Museveni For Political Mileage

State House Comptroller Jane Barekye (3rd R) is shown some of the finished welding products made by the youths in Tooro during their graduation at Kyenjojo Zonal Industrial Hub on Monday. PPU Photo

The State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye has urged politicians to support the Presidential development programs such as the Zonal Industrial Hub Initiative so as to increase their political mileage in their respective constituencies.

According to Ms. Barekye, if politicians become part and parcel of the Presidential initiatives and they come out successful, it will be very easy for them to convince their voters that they indeed did something to develop their areas, thus making it easy for them to be voted again back to their political offices.

“Political leaders, there’s a slogan that I always hear called “Political Mileage” .Now the President of Uganda has already given you enough political mileage by instituting this program of skilling the youth in the country,” she said.

“So hold onto their [graduates] hands, guide them into your constituencies, let them get capital, let them get small contracts from local governments and let them serve their families. Next time you are not going to look for votes because the President has already played a big role for you in your communities through such initiatives.”

Ms. Barekye made the remarks Monday, 9th January 2023 during the graduation ceremony of 201 youth at Tooro Zonal Industrial Hub in Kijigwa village, Kijigwa Parish, Katooke Sub- County, in Kyenjojo District.

The successful beneficiaries received Level I Certificates after training in different vocational disciplines such carpentry, welding, tailoring and hairdressing.

Ms. Barekye further revealed that State House was going to set up a well-equipped Common User Facility at the Hub which the beneficiaries will use to produce good free of charge, sell them and earn a living.

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