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Police Warns Candidates to Refrain from Violence Ahead of NRM Primaries


The Joint Security Taskforce has warned candidates and their supporters not to involve themselves in violence ahead of the National Resistance Movement-NRM party primaries on Friday, September 4.

Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala Wednesday, Polly Namaye, the Deputy Police Spokesperson said that the joint task force will be providing security to ensure peace during the NRM party primaries. She said although the pre-election period has been largely peaceful, they have registered isolated incidents in the districts such as Hoima, Sembaule, Kazo, Bundibugyo and others.

She added that they will adequately deploy around the country to ensure that there is no any form of electoral violence during the primaries.

NRM primaries have in the past been laced with violence as candidates try to outfox each other. In the countryside, NRM primaries are as good as the national elections as those who are voted as the NRM flag bearers stand a very high chance that they will end up being elected to parliament some of whom unopposed.

On Tuesday, the NRM Electoral Commission chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi also warned that he would not hesitate to disqualify any candidate and also stop elections in places where there is violence.

He said the country can’t be held at ransom because of the actions of a few individuals who are not willing to allow a free and fair election.

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