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Police Fails to Recover over 10,000 Stolen Animals

Police have failed to recover 10,152 animals that were stolen in 2021.

According to the police annual crime report for 2021, at least 16,371 animals including cattle, goats, sheep and pigs were stolen.

In total, out of the over 16,300 animals stolen last year, only 5,725 were recovered. Cattle makes up the bulk of the stolen animals.

Police say 8,502 heads of cattle were stolen in 2021. However, only 2,898 heads of cattle were recovered.

Meanwhile, out of the 6,062 goats stolen, only 2,117 were recovered. Others are Pig (1,071), sheep (688) and donkey (48).

The region with the highest cases of animal thefts especially cattle and goats is Rwizi in western Uganda with 686 cases followed by Teso with 462 and Lango with 459.

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