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Police Deploys Snifter Dog to Help Track Hard-Core Criminals

Internet photo

Police in Aswa River Region has said the sniffer dog has become invaluable when it comes to investigating sophisticated crimes.

On Monday, a police dog led detectives to the home of Robert Komakech alias KK, a suspected armed robber in Olio village, Bobi Sub County in Omoro District and recovered an AK 47 bullet concealed in a bag containing beans.

The live ammunition recovered has been linked to a violent robbery that left one Sam Okot injured on the head.

The thugs reportedly robbed 1.4 Million Shillings, a mobile phone and a motorcycle from Okot.

During the robbery incident, Komakech reportedly fired four bullets in the air after his victim made an alarm.

He later escaped from the scene on a motorbike.

The other suspects arrested are Robert Olal, Gerald Ongole, Morish Ogwal, Winnie Abang, Stella Akullu, Nancy Apio and Winny Prisca Ajok.

They are currently being detained at Gulu Central Police Station, as police investigates the matter. David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson warned that with the help of the sniffer dog, police are now well equipped to deal with violent criminals.

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