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Peace Returning To Juba


Relative calm and peace is gradually returning to South Sudanese capital, Juba after the last week’s resurgence of war that left hundreds of people dead and more than 30,000 others displaced.
This comes after the two leaders South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and his Vice President Riek Machar declared a unilateral ceasefire on Monday after their forces who were involved in fighting starting at the presidential palace spread to the entire Juba city and other neighboring areas.
John Atema, a Ugandan trader in Juba said on Sunday that where he is residing near Nsitu market the situation has been okay and many of them have started slowly resuming business within the city.
Atema who chose not to return to Uganda under the government evacuation program says when he went to Juba some five years ago the situation was worse than it is today that is why he decided not to return with those who have been evacuated.
Fred Maliamungu, another trader operating between Arua and Juba says the situation in Juba is calm now but there is a problem on the way between Yei and Juba where a group of armed people have engaged in looting property from the traders.
He appealed to South Sudan government to get rid of such groups so that traders and other road users can move peacefully.

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