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Pastor Commits Suicide in Agago


A pastor attached to Chosen Evangelical Church in Kalongo Town Council, Agago was this morning found dead in a suspected suicide incident.

Rev. Denis Obwot, aged 50, and a resident of Kalongo town council was found dead at around 6am hanging on a nearby tree.

The officer in charge of operation at Kalongo police station Denis Olweny told Mega Fm that the deceased is believed to have developed mental problem prior to the incident.

The incident comes less than a day after a 53 year old resident of Kenya village in Parabongo sub county, Agago district also committed suicide.

Charles Ocaya is suspected to have ingested a pesticide and died at around 10pm as he was being rushed to Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial hospital.

The deceased is alleged to have unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide three times in the past.

Scholars in human behaviour, development and society have predicted a likelihood of suicide as a form of protest or expression of emotional distress among Ugandans.

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