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Panic in Elegu As Unyama River Bursts Its Banks

The Recent Flooding At Elegu Township

Elegu Township in Atiak Sub County, Amuru District is under water after River Unyama burst its banks on Sunday evening.

According to reports, the river that empties its waters into River Nile flooded the area following days of torrential rains.

Flooding At Elegu Township

This is the third time the river has flooded Elegu Township in the last three years causing extensive damage in the area. In 2017, it killed three people and destroyed hundreds of houses and structures.

Patrick Louis Lamony, a medical staff working in Elegu border town told Mega FM in an interview that residents living in low lying areas have been forced to leave.

Flooding At Elegu Township

The Amuru Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Geoffrey Oceng Osborn, said they are closely monitoring the situation and have since asked some residents to leave the area to minimize the risk of loss of lives.

Flooding At Elegu Township

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