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Pader: Returned Road Fund haunts District Officials]


Part of the money meant for road works in Pader district that were recently returned to central government has come back to haunt Pader district officials.

Over 70.7 million Ugx from the works department was returned in July this year.

On Monday, roads committee members put to task the district chief administrative officer (CAO), Christopher Okumu to explain why most roads were not worked on yet funds were available.

According to the committee, most roads in the district have become impassable

It includes Pader-Pajule road, Ongany-Kilak road, Pajule- Lapul road, Pagwari- Alim road, Pader-Latanya road.

Pader CAO, Christopher Okumu in response said delays in procurement made it impossible for them to implement the planned works.

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