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Pader councilors to reconcile RDC, LCV


Pader district councilors are calling for reconciliation between Pader Resident District Commissioner Justine Lungajul and the District LCV chairman, Godfrey Largo Oringa.
Their plea follows a motion moved by the Pader district LCV chairman, Godfrey Largo Oringa on Wednesday, with recommendation of the district executive committee proposing the removal of the RDC from Pader district.
In his submission, the chairman accused the RDC of among other things, attacking the government on chair, issuing defamatory statements against him on media, refusing to cooperate with his government and contributing to the low votes President Museveni received in the February 18th elections.
However, Laguti councillor V, Anywar Mugisha said that the issue raised by the chairman is a personal issue, not an issue of public policy.
Female councillor for Lapul/Pajule sub county, Rose Latoo Mwaka urged the chairman to reconcile with the RDC since he is his chief advisor.
When contacted Lungajul said that he has no grudge with the LCV chairman, adding that he is open to reconciliation if the LCV chairman has issues with him.

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