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One Shot, Six Injured in Abim-Agago Dispute Over Boundary


A deadly ethnic clash between the residents of Abim and Agago over a disputed boundary has left several people seriously injured and dozens of houses burnt.

The incident happened this morning when a group of people from Adilang allegedly attacked residents of Abim burning down dozens of huts at Kamurono, the disputed area over the boundary.

Witnesses said the attackers who numbered around 20 men armed with machetes and pangas stormed a settlement dominated by the residents of Abim and set a blaze houses – destroying property. Police from Abim district rushed to the scene to quell the clashes.

The RDC Abim, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka confirmed the incident saying one of the attackers from Adilang Sub County was shot and injured by police when he pelted stones at them during the scuffle. He also said six people were injured including a pregnant woman who collapsed.

According to local residents, the Kamurono boundary dispute between Abim and Agago has lasted since 2011.

The Abim LC 5 Chairperson, Jimmy Ochero blamed leaders from Agago district for motivating attack against the residents of Abim district over the disputed boundary.

Leonard Opio Ojok, the Agago district chairperson however says that the conflict was triggered when a section of residents from Abim district crossed over Agago River and settled inside Agago.

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