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Omoro Hunts For 18 Covid-19 Suspects

The Omoro District Covid-19 Taskforce is hunting for 18 Covid-19 suspects who have fled Acet, Barolam and Orapwoyo villages in Odek Sub County in fear of being quarantined.

The 18 suspects are contacts of a salon operator and an NRM delegate who tested positive for Coronavirus recently.

Okello Peter Douglas Okao, the Omoro District Local Council Five chairperson who doubles as the vice chairperson of the district Taskforce said their surveillance team is on the ground looking for contacts of the patient who had already mixed up with a lot of people.

A total of 56 contacts of the salon operator have so far been quarantined, 33 of them at Opit Secondary School and 23 under self-quarantine.




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