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Okwonga Declared Mayor Gulu City

Gulu's Mayor Elect-Alfred Okwonga

National Resistance Movement’s Okwonga Alfred has been declared Gulu City Mayor after polling 16, 160 votes in Wednesday’s elections.

Achire Christopher of FDC came second with 7, 755 votes, Aligech George (indep) got 754 votes, Zeru Abukha (Indep) got 898 votes, Democratic Party’s Rocko Menya Oyo got 295 votes, Robert Mugabe of ANT got 105 while Nyeko Fred (indep) trailed with 78 votes.

For directly elected councilor Bardege-Layibi north, Komakech Richard of NRM won with 2, 227 votes.

Bardege-Layibi North women councilor was won by Luboyo Doreen Aber of NRM who got 2, 932 votes.

Bardege-Layibi south female councilor was won by Alimo Joyce Remy of NRM who polled 1,595 votes.

Bardege-Layibi South directly elected councilor was won by Onencan David (Indep) who got 1, 718 votes.

In Laroo-Pece South, the directly elected councilor seat was won by Odong Morris of FDC who got 1,744 votes.

Laroo-Pece South Women was taken by Acan Susan of NRM with 3, 290 votes

Laroo-Pece North Directly elected councilor was won by Ogwete Andrew Otto of FDC after polling 2,835 votes. While Laroo-Pece North Female councilor is Lalam Florence of FDC who got 2, 653 votes.

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