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Odama Asks Christians To Follow Presidential Directive On COVID-19

His Grace Doctor John Baptist Odama, the Arch-bishop of Gulu Arch-diocese has asked Christians to follow the Presidential directive to control the spread of Coronavirus disease-COVID-19 in the country. At least 18 have tested positive to COVID-19.

The President directed the ban on public transport including buses, taxis, costa, boda bodas – as a measure to curb the COVID-19.

The President also said private transport means should not carry more than three people including the driver.

The President also emphasized social distancing and frequent wash hands with soap and water, no hanging and shaking hands.

Odama also lambasted a section of the business community for hiking prices of essentials goods during this trying moments.

Meanwhile, Nwoya authority has ordered 11 foreigners who are believed to be hiding among the local community to report to the district for immediate test.

Government has since deployed spy agencies to trace for all people who returned to the country recently evading quarantine.

The team comprises operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence-CMI, Internal Security Organisation –ISO and Crime Intelligence Unit- CIU.

In addition to spy teams, at least 200 military police personnel have been assigned to guard the established quarantine centers 24/7 so that suspects do not escape.

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