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NWSC Staff Asking Bribes from Customers to Reduce Water Bills

National Water and Sewerage Corporation-NWSC and security are investigating a scam involving people targeting water consumers with high bills purportedly to help them reduce the bills.

It follows complaints from several water consumers indicating that some staff from NWSC are contacting them using the information they provided while complaining about the high water bills with promises of helping them to revise the bill at a cost because of an ongoing audit that is expected to last three months.

Ideally, NWSC staff are supposed to get in touch with customers with complaints about their water bills at no cost.

The workers are expected to review the bill and resolve the matter with the consumer.

However, instead of following this procedure, some staff are reportedly sending customers messages asking them to pay some money to have their bills revised.

In a message that Mega Fm has seen, a person identifying himself as Jesero from NWSC Ntinda branch asks a customer for Shillings 52,000 to reduce her water bill.

Patricia Ankunda, another water consumer in Kamwokya, says that even after paying the money nothing was done to her bill.

NWSC is currently carrying out an audit into discrepancies in high water bills.

Sam Apedel, the Public Relations Manager NWSC, says it is illegal for staff to ask customers for money.

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