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Nwoya Woman Poisons Brother’s Chickens For Destroying Her Crops

An internet image of chicken.

A woman in Nwoya district on Tuesday left her neighbours in shock after she poisoned her brother’s chickens for destroying her crops.

Akumu Betty, a resident of Amola village, Paminyayi Sub County in Nwoya district reportedly fed her brother’s chicken with maize meal laced with Cibacol, a pesticide.

Akumu’s brother-Okot Tony who is the local councilor 3 of Lalaa parish in Nwoya district told mega FM that he returned home at 6pm to find 10 of his 30 chicken dead.

Ociti Fred Lugaja, the L.C3 chairperson Paminyayi sub county told mega FM that Akumu later apologized to her brother during a meeting on Wednesday and said she was going to compensate him for the dead.

She was angry that the chicken were destroying her cassava and beans.

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