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Nwoya Murder Suspect Commits Suicide

A man, accused of killing his wife in front of their children in Nwoya district, has died after ingesting beer laced with poison in an apparent attempt to end his life.

Bongomin Sam, aged 45, a resident of Pabit Trading Center in Purongo Town Council died on Sunday from Anaka General Hospital.

Bongomin allegedly killed his wife Amony Sunday, aged 35, with whom he had five children, on Friday.

Reasons being, the wife had joined a born-again church against his wishes and failure to follow his directives on a regular basis.

Following the incident, Bongomin drunk beer he had laced with unknown chemical in an apparent attempt to end his life.

He was later rushed to Anaka General Hospital by police where he died two days later.

Okello Francis, the village chief of Pabit Trading Center sub-ward and also the uncle to Bongomin, confirmed his death.

The incident follows the death of a man suspected of stabbing to death his girlfriend in Pece Lukung cell, Laroo-Pece division in Gulu city last month.

Willy Okeny died from Gulu Regional Referral Hospital where he was admitted after attempting to commit suicide.

He reportedly slit his throat, stabbed himself in the chest and drank a poisonous substance in an attempt to commit suicide.

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