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NRM Party Gets New Chairperson For Gulu

Norbert Adyera, the former chairperson Acholi War Debt Claimants Association attempts to become the party chairperson for Gulu district last evening suffered a heavy set back after he lost 15-200 to James Ocen, the former party district general secretary in the party residual elections.

Though the election was concluded as anticipated, chaos nearly broke out after the party electoral commission failed to provide adequate ballot papers for the election of the district women league general secretary and vice chairperson women league which angered some of the contestants.

Minutes after Joyce Akidi was declared elected General Secretary with 28 votes, her rival Jenneth Nyaga who garnered only 16 votes lashed at the party Electoral Commission for alleged failure to provide authentic ballot papers.

She verbally exchanged words with Betty Atim, the Gulu District NRM Women League Chairperson accusing her of taking sides by conniving with the NRM party Electoral Commission to distribute exercise book papers for voters to write the names of their candidates, something she said was confusing to voters.

Atim equally attacked Akidi by accusing her of being incompetent for the position hence her loss.

Samuel Opiyo, who contested for the vacancy of Secretary Finance for Persons with Disability (PWDs), told Mega Fm that voters and candidates` sensitization was not adequately conducted.

The seat was taken by Jok-kene Geoffrey who garnered 11 total votes beating his four rivals.

George Ebola, the Gulu district NRM party returning officer disregarded the allegations noting that the election was free and fair.

The post of the general secretary was taken by Okello Isaac, Aber Gifta took the post of secretary finance and Rtd Capt Okello Santo (general secretary veteran league)

A total of 15 posts were filled in the NRM party residual elections at the district and municipality.

In the neighboring district of Omoro, Kidega Denis was elected the new NRM district chairperson after beating Odong Stephen Latek 79-64 votes.

Oulanya Jacob, the deputy speaker was elected the vice-chairperson, Okello Joe was elected the General Secretary, Ben Acellam (publicity secretary) and Lamunu Ketty Girigiri (Treasurer).

The elections in 55 districts was to fill gaps created by the creation of new administrative units to enable the areas to have representation in the National delegate’s conference that will take place on January to 25 at Namboole Stadium with a sole purpose of amending the party constitution.


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