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Music Review: Mama, Labert Dickson 2016


He was last year’s biggest name with songs like ‘Party Time’, ‘Never give up’ and ‘Abioo’ among others, so when many thought he would struggle this year, Labert rises up with another hit song ‘Mama’, dedicated to his mother.
It is however one of those beautiful songs with a disappointing video (We leave this for another time). He opens it with his trademark intro….’Labert Dickson, Kick start et al. We immediately realize difficulty in pronouncing ‘Dickson pronounced as Dicks(h)on.
Mama is a reggae song that unlike many of Labert’s past songs does not sound familiar implying he concentrated a great deal of time in making its beats. He blends a lot of percussions into his song; we were able to pick out some bit of the keyboard, a tromboniom like sound and computer beats.
Labert shows us why many local musicians are playing catch up with him in his lyrics. He manages to grasp well his subject content relaying his message in a way ‘Abioo’ failed to do. In mama, Labert brings up the struggles his mother faced in bringing him up along with his siblings, and in one way or the other he is looking to pay her back.
What we liked: Choice of reggae beats.
What we hated: Introduction of dancehall-jamaican beats from minutes 2:35 – 2:50. This was surely the best way to ruin this song.
Review by: Alan Ochen

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  1. Okello christopher says

    Thanks megafm for promoting our very own local artist.

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