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Museveni to Muslims; God is Everywhere; Pray from Home

President Museveni Doing Exercise At His Home

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Muslims in the country to pray from home as they celebrate Eid el Fitir this Sunday, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadhan.

In his message on Friday evening, Museveni told Muslims try that God is everywhere adding that there is no need to congregate.

Museveni said that while it will not be possible to congregate in Mosques to celebrate Eid el Fitir because of the Coronavirus  pandemic and that State House was not be able to offer them the usual dinner at Entebbe, Allah would still bless them in their homes.

Mr Rajab Mutebi, the Mega FM Accountant giving a bull to Muslims Community in Acholi on Friday

The President also encouraged the Muslim faithful to make fasting and generosity that they have exhibited during the Holy Month, an integral part of their lives and not just a seasonal habit.

Museveni said that the intercessory prayers that Muslims have offered for the nation during the sacred month of fasting, will make Uganda stand through the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic.

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