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Museveni Threatens to Import Food


President Yoweri Museveni has threatened to import food from Mexico, if traders try to hoard it in order to increase in prices.

Speaking on Sunday at State House Nakasero, Museveni said, he will never allow a group of suppliers to take advantage of Ugandans in distress.

He added that he’s aware of the games that they are playing and he will beat them to it.

The president also used the address to lift the ban he had imposed on boda bodas to stop moving at 2pm.

He said they were concerned by boda bodas moving at night because they would be used to commit crime.

The president also said that they are studying the idea of having one person moving in the trucks.

The president also issued another order stopping all people who have died of coronavirus elsewhere to be returned to Uganda.

President Yoweri Museveni

He also warned drivers who don’t have stickers and are not essential people from driving on roads.  He said those who will be caught, their cars will be confiscated.

Museveni also warned people from cultivating on river and lake banks saying, his government was going to move strongly against all those caught.

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