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Museveni Bans Outdoor Physical Exercises


President Yoweri Museveni last evening banned outdoor exercising saying those in the habit are not only endangering themselves but also the whole country.

The pronouncement comes on the backdrop of a video showing people exercising along the Northern Bypass in magnitudes, attracting condemnation from security cycles.

Speaking at the State Lodge in Nakasero, Museveni too said he watched the video and was appalled with what he saw.

In the aftermath, the police issued orders stopping people from exercising saying those caught doing so especially in groups will be arrested.

Meanwhile, Museveni has also limited to eight hours the time for which bodabodas are allowed to move in a day saying they should stop at 2pm.

The president also warned pick-up and double cabin drivers against moving without cargo.

The President also urged universities insisting on having end of semester examinations during the national lockdown to reconsider.

He asked universities to reschedule the examinations until the lockdown is called off.

So far, Uganda has a total of 53 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Globally, the number of infected persons stands at over 1.4 million people.

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