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Moroto: District Battling Environmental Degradation


Moroto district is battling serious environmental degradation emanating from the high demand for wood fuel as the major source of energy for households coupled with mining activities that have left ditches and deep holes in the area.

The practice has been exacerbated by the already precarious land degradation where winds are common and damage infrastructure in the district.

The search for minerals such as limestone, marble, gold, copper, silver, manganese, chrome, tantalite and titanium are some of the activities causing land degradation in the district.

Moroto District Natural Resource Officer, John Lotyang, says the damage caused on the environment through mining is alarming and threatens livelihoods in the district.

He notes that many empty holes are being dug daily as people comb the land for minerals yet nothing is done to restore the areas.

He explains that the district relies on the Environmental Impact Assessment by the mining companies because they lack resources and personnel in the department.

Currently, Tororo Cement, the limestone dealer in Tapac Sub County has only planted a few trees around Kosiroi Primary School out of the hundreds of acres where stones have been excavated.

The area is full of holes now threatening the establishment of Mt. Moroto.

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