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Mayors, Town Council Chairpersons To Have A ‘Level Certificates


Parliament has passed the Local Governments Amendment Bill, 2019, which requires mayor of Cities, Municipalities, Divisions and Town Council chairpersons to have an advanced level certificate of Education or its equivalent.

In the past, only LC V chairpersons were required to have a minimum education qualification of Advanced level or its equivalent.

However, parliament wants the same education requirements imposed on mayors of cities, municipalities, Divisions and LC 3 chairpersons.

The proposal to impose the minimum education requirements on the mayors, division and Town Council LC 3 chairpersons was made by the Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa.

He argued that Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) has in the past advocated for the introduction of educational requirements on local government leaders to streamline their operations.

The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga thereafter moved that the provision is passed, in partial fulfillment of the demands from ULGA.

Parliament also approved provisions relating to the creation of new administrative units.

Parliament says the newly created local government units shall only take effect 6 months to the general elections.

This is meant to reduce the financial costs of holding elections to fill elective positions for newly created local government units.               

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