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Man Beats Another For Eloping And Impregnating His Daughter

Locals at Koro Abili trading in Koro Sub County, Omoro district on Monday when a man beat up another for allegedly impregnating his teenage daughter.

Charles Omony in his late 30s beat up Kenneth Ojok aged 26 on Monday accusing the latter of being disrespectful.

Omony notes that Ojok who had eloped with his 16 year old daughter and impregnated her, had been evading arrest, an allegation Ojok denied saying the girl is 19.

Ojok said that the attack left one of his friends injured on the hand after he intervened to stop fight.

Both parties have however not pressed any charges at the police but Ojok has reported the matter to the area local council authorities.

Phyras Okot, the local council one chairperson of Koro Abili village in Koro Sub County in Omoro district has confirmed receiving the report saying they planning to hold a mediation meeting.

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