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Low Turn-Up of Pupils For First Term Opening

Despite attempts by stakeholders to persuade parents to always send their children on the first day of every school opening, most schools in Acholi sub region registered low turn-up of pupils for first term school opening today (Monday)

At Abaka primary school in Palaro sub county in Gulu, only 9 reported today for studies out of the expected 290 pupils.

12 out of 681 including 2 candidates reported to school at Palaro primary school.

A number of primary schools visited by Mega Fm in Gulu Municipality also registered low turn of pupils on the first day of the new school term.

At Wii-aworanga primary school, only 34 pupils out of 315 pupils reported to school, 101 out of 441 pupils reported to school at Laliya primary school and 217 out of 825 reported to school at St. Kizito primary school Aywee.

Other primary schools that registered low turn up of pupils in Gulu municipality include Gulu Primary School which registered 296 pupils out of 823, Obiya West Primary School registered 97 pupils out of 615 enrollments, St Joseph Primary School registered 48 pupils out of 293, Layibi Primary school registered 168 out of 558, Highland Primary school registered 75 pupils out of 450 pupils and Laroo Adra primary school 83 pupils out of 621.

Schools in Nwoya district also registered low turn up of pupils.

It include Lamoki primary school in Anaka Sub that registered 13 out of 450, St Luke Te olam registered 32 pupils out of 510, Alokolum Gok primary school 66 pupils out of 490 and Dongolem primary 20 pupils out of 300.

Others are Purongo primary 146 pupils out of 700, Oruka primary school 127 out of 600 and Koch Goma central 151 out of 991 pupils.

The school head teacher Lamoki primary school Jimmy Akwach attributed the low turn up to poor attitude of parents toward education of their children.

Kitgum district also registered low turn up of pupil for first term opening, At Ayoma primary in Labongo-Layamu sub county, only 45 out of 609 reported to school, 45 out of 804 reported to school at Mucwini primary school and 49 out of 565 reported to school at Lagot-cugu

Schools in Amuru district were no different. At Oliya primary school, only 231 out of 1100 were at school, 63 students out of 320 reported to school at Lwani Memorial College, 432 out of 810 reported to at Pupwonya primary school and Rec-ki-ceke primary school registered 180 out 798.

Though there was low turn-up of pupils today in most schools in Agago district, some schools commenced teaching immediately.

The schools include Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial primary and Nursery school, Kalongo primary school, Kalongo girls primary school and Victoria primary school.            

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