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Leaders Asked Development Partners To Change Strategy


Leaders from greater northern Uganda have asked development partners to refocus their plans and resources toward transforming lives of the local through agriculture

The leaders say agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy, employing 70% of the population, and contributing half of Uganda’s export earnings.

This was during a one day workshop organized by GIZ, a German organization that strengthen and improve the capacity and efficiency of civil society in Uganda.

The workshop was held on Thursday (Oct 31, 2019) at Bomah hotel in Gulu

Most Ugandans live in rural areas and practice farming, raising agriculture incomes is critical to reducing poverty, boosting prosperity and creating jobs.

80% of Uganda’s land is arable but only 35 percent is being cultivated.

According to the vice chairperson Uganda Local Government northern Uganda Leku James, agriculture has enormous potential to transform the economy and make farming much more productive and profitable for the locals.

According to Bank of Uganda statistics, Uganda’s highest volume of exports largely food stuffs in January valued at USD 65 million went to United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE sees Uganda as a long term source of food imports.

In November last year, Uganda and UAE signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen and advance cooperation in the field of food security and agriculture.

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