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Law Student Wins Gulu University Guild Presidency Race

Thomas Lapyem-Gulu University Guild president Elect.

Thomas Lapyem Awany, a third-year Law student, has been declared winner of the hotly contested Gulu University guild president’s race.

Lapyem was announced the winner in the early hours of Friday morning by Jackson Ashaka, the Gulu University Guild Election Commissioner after garnering 1,201 votes, beating three other candidates in a male-dominated race.

Lapyem was second time lucky after losing in the 2019/2020 guild elections.

He becomes the 19th Guild President of the public university since its inception in 2002.

His closest rival, Peter Gordon Ekebu, a student pursuing Bachelor of Science came second with 649 votes.

Other candidates who were in the guild race are Mark Davis Maziina, second-year student pursuing Bachelor of Education and Humanities who managed to get 288 votes, and Henry Jumba, a student pof Bachelor of Agriculture and Environment with 240.

The students also elected their representatives to the guild council.

At least 2,378 students participated in this year’s guild election.

Jackson Ashaka, the Returning Officer Gulu University Electoral Commission, said the elections were largely free and fair.

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