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Kitgum Residents Turn Dreaded Insects Into Food


While government it struggling to find an effective way of dealing with the dreaded desert locust invasion, they have turned a blessing to residents of Kitgum district. The residents are catching the locusts for food.

The latest swarm of desert locusts invaded Gogo and Abudere villages in Lukwar Parish in Labongo Akwang Sub County on Tuesday evening.

Several residents spent the better part of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning picking the locusts for food.

Some have since fried the locusts for eating. Kutansia Anena 60, a resident of Gogo village is one of those who caught several locusts and boiled them for food.

John Bosco Komakech, the Kitgum District Vector Control officer told Mega Fm in an interview that consuming desert locusts isn’t harmful and notes that the ones caught by locals hadn’t yet been sprayed.

However, Alphonse Acaye, the Gulu District Senior Entomologist officer warned locals against consuming locusts from sites were they have been sprayed, and saying the chemicals are dangerous for the human body.

Meanwhile, Acaye warned that bush burning shall aid the multiplication of desert locusts since it survive and mature rapidly in an open ground.

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